Firefox 3.0 Warning – Do Not Install Now It’s Way Too Slow

Be afraid, be very  afraid of Firefox 3.0 Warning , that is if you value Internet Speed. I’ve used Firefox 3.0 Warning  exclusively for the past 4 years or so and I’ve always been impressed by Firefox and the people behind it. For me ,Firefox 3.0 Warning  always ran faster then Internet Explorer and I loved its basic features. The thing is though, sometimes people with good intentions do stupid things and sometimes. People with non-altruistic  Firefox 3.0 Warning intentions do very good reliable things. I always said, if the Mafia ran the United States, we’d be better off!

My beef with Firefox 3.0 is a huge one and I don’t understand why they didn’t think this. Firefox 3.0 Warning  a major problem before unleashing this new version to an unsuspecting public. Specifically. It’s Firefox 3.0 Warning  way too slow because as of June 17, 2008, Google Web Accelerator and Fasterfox are  Firefox 3.0. Warning not compatible with Firefox 3.0. I’m guessing they Firefox 3.0 Warning  eventually will be but there is no excuse for putting this out in the market like this, albeit its free. Before I go on I should mention Firefox 3.0.

Firefox 3.0 Warning - Do Not Install Now It's Way Too Slow.

Firefox 3.0 Warning – Do Not Install Now It’s Way Too Slow.

Warning  that my computer is an excellent Toshiba Tecra A8 Core 2 Duo, 4MB RAM, XP, 80 GB laptop with Broadband Cable Connection. My internet speed with Firefox 3.0, was between 800 and 1750 downloading as opposed to my usual speeds of 3,500- 12,000 downloading with Firefox 2. when I’m actually on Fasterfox with Google Web Accelerator. After about an hour of frustration, I just Firefox 3.0 Warning  thought, oh well, I’ll use System Restore and go back to the way it was before in 15 minutes or less. Wrong!

Firefox 3.0 Warning System Restore

It took me about 3 hours to fix the damage and even now I’m not Firefox 3.0 Warning  sure its totally fixed. To begin with, when I used System Restore, Firefox 2 would no longer work. Restored my original settings where Firefox 3.0 was. I had to use Internet Explorer and I had trouble even finding a download for the old Firefox. The Download Site had too many people on it and I kept having problems.  Firefox 3.0 Warning So to make a long story short. I manually uninstalled Firefox off my computer, then using Internet Explorer I finally managed to download Firefox 2.

Reinstall the Google Toolbar and for whatever reason had to also reinstall the Google Web Accelerator and Fasterfox. Use various registry software to get my  Firefox 3.0 Warning computer back to snuff. The result is, with Firefox 2 via Fasterfox and Google Web Accelerator, my speed is now about 4500 on the download but maybe its that low because its around lunchtime. In any case. that’s a lot better then 800-1750 with Firefox 3.

Firefox 3.0 Warning Web Accelerator

So my recommendation to you is, despite the really great features on Firefox 3.0. Warning  if internet speed is important to you and you rely on Google Web Accelerator and Fasterfox to make things faster, don’t install Firefox 3.0 until its compatible with Web Accelerator and Fasterfox. I’ll delete or revise this article when that happens.

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